Pinus Export

Pinus radiata was introduced to New Zealand in the 1850s. It thrived in the conditions, reaching maturity in 28 years in New Zealand, much faster than in its native California. It was found to grow well in the infertile acidic soil of the volcanic plateau, such as Rotorua Area in New Zealand. In the 1930s, vast areas of land were planted in Pinus radiata in central of North Island. The largest tract was the 188,000-hectare Kāingaroa forest, the largest plantation forest in the world.

Vida World Limited began its activities in the wood export field in 2015. Professionals with many years of experience in the wood sector joined forces with the business development and strategic planning group for a joint goal - to export wood to foreign markets and become one of the leading trading companies in New Zealand.

The ambitious and prospective team of professionals, wide geography of reliable suppliers, strict quality control, as well as well-developed and optimized logistics schemes enable to satisfy the needs of various wood product manufacturers in different countries around the world.

New Zealand Pine also known as Monterey Pine, this species native grows naturally in three small localities on the central Californian coast, in an area about 5000 hectares, stretching along the Pacific coast in the Monterey Region, South of San Francisco. However, it does not grow well in the place of the region, because of the poor in dryness and slow in growth and has not received much attention from people. From nineteen-century people start bringing in New Zealand Pine into New Zealand.

New Zealand Pine wood is a medium density, uniform structure. Shrinking efficiency average, and high stability of the soft material. There are no such as rotten logs, heart rot and insect bites kinds of issue. New Zealand Pine wood has a very good holding nail strength. It has a strong permeability, easy to anticorrosion, dry, curly and colour processing.

New Zealand pine timber can be used in a very wide range. For example, wooden house, large building and furniture. New Zealand pine is a very good material for building wooden houses, most of the house in New Zealand are built with New Zealand pine timber, the service life can be used up to hundred years. New Zealand pine also can be used for large building such as New Zealand’s National Forestry Research Institute’s main building in New Zealand pine wood structure. New Zealand pine wood timber has a soft colour, strong nail holding power, is a good furniture timber, by using curing technology can make New Zealand pine timber more solid and have a better colour texture.