Cedar wood series

Wall Panel VD6
Name: Wall Panel VD6
Series: Cedar wood series
Material: PP Composite
Overall Size(MM): 1050×475
Coverage Size(MM): 1000×450
Weight(KG/PC): 1.20
Packing(Pcs/Ctn): 13
Container(Ctns): 2800㎡/40HQ

Description of Cedar wood VIDA Wall Panels:

With a wide variety of realistic shades available, Regency Stacked Stone siding offers an almost limitless number of design opportunities for your home or business. Whether refinishing a room in an old home, creating a nature-inspired sanctuary outdoors or upgrading new construction, Regency simulated stone offers a beautiful look for a fraction of the cost of real stone, which is both costly and time-consuming to install. With its interlocking finger design, the panels seamlessly blend together and further enhance the illusion of professional masonry. Customize your décor even further with a coordinating accessory such as a corner, ledger or window and door trim.

Because it’s made of polyurethane, you have the peace of mind of knowing that each panel will hold up against all sorts of wear and tear, including harsh climate conditions, pest damage, moisture and extreme heat and cold. And its lightweight nature means the average homeowner can install these themselves, saving the expense of hiring a mason.

Brighten up a kitchen or family room with light beiges and cool grays, create a relaxed ambiance in a garden or patio with a mosaic of tans and rosy hues or add bold, dramatic flair to a fireplace with rich tones of chocolate or dark slate.

Wherever you use Regency Stacked Stone, in whatever color you choose, the effect will be satisfying, dramatic and look great.

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